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Well-known Sunshine Coast veterinarians Sebastian Olasek and Annabel Shepherd have built an innovative “Fear Free” veterinary clinic at Stockland’s Aura.

The ground-breaking concept in veterinary health care aims to reduce an animal’s fear and anxiety around veterinary visits through measures including keeping cats and dogs completely separated from each other.

The new Aura Veterinary Hospital includes separate cat and dog waiting areas, consulting rooms and hospital wards, with soundproofing throughout to help reduce stress in both cats and dogs.

Dr Olasek and Dr Shepherd said the Fear Free concept had only recently been introduced to Australia and this would be the first clinic of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.

“We wanted to do something special at Aura and our purpose-built clinic will be a friendly, well-equipped facility with highly experienced professionals providing a wide range of specialised services,” Dr Olasek said.

Dr Shepherd said elements of the Fear Free initiative were already being incorporated into their existing practice, Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery at Tanawha.

“Highly stressed animals are given medication before visits to reduce their anxiety and animals are handled in a gentle, force-free manner with plenty of treats provided to make visits a more positive experience,” Dr Shepherd said.

“Our new clinic will complement our current practice while offering additional services and procedures. Aura Veterinary Hospital provides the possibility for new innovations and our practice aims to be environmentally friendly.”

Dr Olasek and Dr Shepherd have been operating veterinary practices on the Sunshine Coast together for 30 years. Dr Olasek appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise program in 2018 for his ground-breaking surgery on a cat using a human cardiac stent to relieve a urethral stricture.

We look forward to caring for your pets and providing the most most advanced and innovated care at Aura Veterinary Hospital.

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