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Helping Your Pet Fight The Winter Blues

Fighting the winter blues can be just as challenging for our pet as it is for us. It is so important for both their psychical and mental health that we keep them active, and keep them as comfortable as possible as the weather cools down.

Regular walking during the colder months is important to maintain muscle health and joint mobility especially in older dogs. We recommend 20 minutes a day, its great for you and your pet. When it is cold outside, and you need to rug up, consider whether your pet needs a coat too, to keep them warm on their walk.

Appropriate bedding is an extremely important part of pet ownership. Make sure your pet has a designated space in the house or in their kennel where they can stay warm and escape the elements. As the temperature cools down, you may need to reassess their bedding, make sure there are plenty of clean, dry, warm blankets to create heat. As well as investing in a cosy jacket for them to wear in the cooler months.

If you have an older pet that seems to be uncomfortable, having difficulty moving, or appears to be in pain, book in for a check up. Colder months can bring on arthritis, especially in older dogs, and there is a wide range of products that can make their life more comfortable.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet please call the clinic, and one of our friendly vet nurses will be able to help.


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