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Storm season is upon us, and one of the biggest problems we face this time of year is reuniting pets with their owners. It is common for pets to become anxious during storms and sometimes this leads to them running away from your property. Microchipping is the most effective, safe and permanent method of pet identification. Inserting a microchip only takes a few seconds, the procedure is very safe and your pet will feel little pain. Once done, your pet's details, your contact address and phone numbers are entered in to a national database. Why do we recommend microchips? Collars can fall off or be removed and details on pet tags can fade or become outdated. Inserting a microchip means your pet can be easily identified by a ranger, animal shelter or veterinarian regardless of the situation. Once identified, you can be contacted immediately and informed of the location of your pet. If your pet has been stolen and then later recovered, ownership of your pet can be challenged. Microchipping is the only way you can prove ownership of your pet. What happens if your pet strays? If your pet is ever lost, a ranger, animal shelter or veterinarian anywhere in Australia can scan your pet for the microchip and access your contact details. The only way that you may not become reunited with your lost pet is if you don't contact the register when you have changed your address or contact phone numbers. How do I have my pet microchipped? Microchips are implanted by veterinary practices and can be done safely without an anaesthetic. Call us today to make an appointment for your pet's microchip implant and registration, for only $45!


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